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Ziteng (Wisteria) Hu

Ziteng (Wisteria) Hu is a weaver and textile designer who comes from China. Prior to her studies at the RCA, she majored in woven textiles at Chelsea College of Arts in London. Her work mainly focuses on the relationship between human emotions, ideology and the environment that we live in nowadays through a combination of different dimensions of handwoven and Jacquard samples.

Degree Details

School of Design


RESET // Reset 

My project is called 'Reset'.  It is about the things that have come up directly from my mind during the period of quarantine after I went back to China. It aims to express the relationship and reflections between the different environments that I stayed in and my collective subconscious. While studying for my MA, I was fortunate to also be employed by Caishan (fashion company) and Skytex (textiles company) in China.  My project encompasses both my studies and work experience .

The project was divided into three main stages: RecordBlock, and Exit.  In these three stages, I tried to use 3D hand-woven samples (in colours) and Jacquards (in Black & White) to express my own collective subconscious of the word responses to the stage of reset. 

In daily life, people may want to carry something with them to help them calm down quickly. These samples aims to reduce people’s negative emotions when they touch the three-dimensional part and hope it could help them to find the most powerful and warm memories from their own minds, when they stay in different unfamiliar environment in their daily lives. These samples aims to be designed and customised based on people’s own memories. 

An initial drawing of 'Reset'
Record 'Reset' in textile language — Hand-woven(Colours)/Jacquards(Black&White)


Linen/Recycled polyester


6-inch wide (Handwoven)/0.5m*1m(Jacquards)
Research and Drawings
Hand-woven samples with sunlight
'Be locked' — Jacquard sample in black and white


Recycled polyester


6-inch wide (Handwoven)/0.7m*1m(Jacquards)
Iterative drawings about 'Exit'
#1 : Details of a hand-woven sample
#2: Hand-woven sample with Jacquards / Collage
'Please Calm Down'- on body


Mohair/Cotton/Recycled polyester


#1: 12cm*12cm / #2: 24cm*26cm