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Yixin Zheng

Yixin Zheng is a textile designer based in London and China. She completed a Bachelor's Degree at the China Academy of Art in 2019 before coming to study MA Textile woven design at the Royal College of Art. She is dedicated to creating fabrics with new materials in interior design.

Her projects are almost all related to her own experience and the world in her eyes, with a strong perception of the external environment. She believes fabrics are the closest thing to a person, influencing people's lives and emotions. 

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Represent // Traces-Present Again

In the designer's viewpoint, traces are not only a physical thing or a noun but also represent the things that can't be detected in our life. Just as we will go into an art gallery to appreciate an oil painting, but at the same time, it is easy to ignore the textures and traces around us.

The designer likens herself to a trace because they have the same characteristic that they are not easy to be noticed by others, not the most conspicuous one, so they are often ignored. She believes many people are like her, and she also wants to let them know through this project that all people's possessions, traces, as long as they exist, have their charm and value of existence. Silence and introversion are not our shortcomings. When we follow our own way of life, there will always be someone who notices us, like seeing the traces.

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