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Chengyi Tu

My name is Chengyi Tu. I have a Bachelor Degree from Donghua University in China. I live in a coastal city called Ningbo in China, where trade is very important and the textile and clothing industries are highly developed. This has provided me with a very good environment to develop my practice and design skills. I hope to set up my own design studio in Ningbo, further exploring textile design for interior applications. 

Degree Details

School of Design


Re-define // How to identify objects´╗┐

In my textiles practice I like to design the interior home so my works can be applied to home furnishings such as curtains, pillows and carpets. But this time, I created a space, which can be either a real space or an intangible space - through illusionary projections.

My project is about ways to identify objects. In our daily life, we often identify or recognise an object through different aspects, but what we find is that there are a lot of things that we can't identify. This can cause us to misunderstand an event or an object.

I want to create a work that can make people recognise different objects from different perspectives. 

My work can be used to enlarge narrow spaces. I use projections as a way to produce different perspectives of space. This removed the need to decorate a space with materials - it can make the whole space change, whether it looks bigger, or bring people different feelings. You can't identify and limit what it is.


You can't identify and limit what is it. It can be applied to a real space, or it can fill the whole space with projection.

In work one, you can arrange and combine them freely like play game with shadow. In work two, you can change the color and shape at will to produce different effects, whether it's perspective, optical illusion, vertigo or interlacing. 


heat shrinkable material´╝îwire