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Tien-Ching(Sandy) Sun

Sandy is multi-media textile designer based in Taipei and London. During the four years at Taiwan Fu-Jen University and two years at the Royal College of Art, she has developed a passion for designing interactive textiles for interior spaces.

Interested in exploring the relationship between nature and manmade, she brings an innovative perspective to approaching new potentials of woven textiles. 

Sandy captures the movements of natural environments by collaging and embeds the movements into her weaving. She is fascinated by the unpredictability of lights and shadows. Translating motions into stillness, Sandy combines a range of techniques on and off the loom creating new structures and forms.

In 2020, she was awarded with a research scholarship by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan to encourage her creative talents.

Tien-Ching(Sandy) Sun

RE-DEFINE // Movements in Stillness

Capturing the shadow flowing on the wall, the light reflected in the river and the movements that nature produces have always captured her imagination. Sandy is fascinated by the unpredictable movement of shadows that transfer freely between different shades and structures. 

To redefine the meaning of weaving, she explored the relationship between textiles and the environment, creating textiles that interacts with the spaces around them. Sandy uses weaving as a decorative medium to bring a new visual and textural experience into interior spaces. The pieces can be adapted to the environments in many ways to mimic the flowing movements of nature.

She explores how she can redefine weaving, creating cloth that suggests a sense of freedom that nature produces.

In nature, we can’t expect when the next movements are going to happen and which direction they are moving towards.


collage, still/moving images, nylon, mohair, rush yarn

The blurriness, vagueness and the irregular movements of shadows are harmoniously combined. Weaving, on the other hand, shares the same method which the technique combines colors and textures through interweaving the warps and the wefts.  


cotton, mohair

Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship