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Graphic Design

Yifan Gong

Yifan was born in Nanjing, China. Before her MA (RCA) Visual Communication / Graphic Design she completed a BA in Mathematics and Statistics at Purdue University in the United States.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Graphic Design

The idea of my research is to find a definition of the micro world and what kind of role an artist or designer should play in this process of exploration. Imagine the following scenes. The rain drops on an iron nail on the wall, and washes away the elements that form the nail, leaving a thin trace of a burnt brown line. Drugs dissolve in the water, merging with our blood and then having an affect on our body. These signs show that unseen influences are happening to us. We, as human flesh, are made up of around 7 octillion atoms, as do all other objects in the physical world. These unseen particles build up the boundary of reality and exchange their positions in the natural system. The switching circulations happen through either physical movement or chemical reaction. 

In the current era of rapid developments in science and technology, how is it possible to keep up with the times and use graphics to explain these invisible details that already last for thousands of years? I pursue answers and discuss aesthetics from the interpretation of the relationship between reality and aesthetic illusions.

— By recording different particles in the reality, I track their activity patterns.
— Project background
— First stage developing
— Simulate the rotation of tiny particles in life and the trajectory of self-produced activities.
Front Display — Get inspirations from daily life and I simulate the instantaneous dynamics of weightless objects falling.
Typography — Transform letters into shapes that built up by a group of particles and imitate the movement of weightless objects flowing.
3D model for The Free Flowing — It demonstrates my project idea: how we as a container and a filter can carry and transfer particles. The construction of the 3D model better explains the process of exchanging particles, which is subtle but still existing. I build up a visual environment model to tell the story of how a human exchanges body parts with the whole world and affects it, guiding people to understand the twisted beauty of this grand exchange ceremony. 
The Free Flowing — The video is to help the audience sense the outside world and make connection between “me” and the outside. Again, we communicate through those particles and signals because we are all particles.

The work breaks traditional understanding of the relationships between human and human, the living and the non-living by translating the “invisible” particles into the visual system. Moreover, develop the idea that we are now in the era of exchanging data and information through the movement of particles.