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Graphic Design

Yehonatan Cohen

I'm Yehonatan Cohen, an interaction designer and visual artist based in London. I'm passionate about Interactive storytelling, experimental design, and artificial intelligence. My work focuses on political-social themes using interactive design and storytelling strategies to position the user as decision-maker.  


2018 (March) – The world’s best book design exhibition, Leipzig and Frankfurt

2020 (February) – The Vacant Museum, The Politics of Home

2020 (June) – Typographic Singularity 2020

2020 (October) – The Year 2086: Into The Future, Gallery ExMachina, Barcelona

2020 (December) Illustration Festival TLV – Notes From Home


2017 – America-Israel Cultural Foundation grant winner in the field of Visual Communication Design

Degree Details

School of Communication

Graphic Design

In the contemporary age, reality surpasses imagination. The news break sometimes looks like a script of an old science fiction movie. The last few years have made us realise that anything is possible and so our ability to tell between truth and fake has been blurred. This situation has opened up the gate for absurd conspiracy theories to become the worldview of many.

Thus I found myself researching the process that a person goes through when they are exposed to a conspiracy theory. I found a connection to the hero's narrative we know from the cinema and the responsibility an individual has in disseminating conspiratorial information.

Most conspiracy theories relate directly to the political world and political figures. In many cases, these figures use these theories for political purposes. This fact made me wonder how politicians' interviews – as a 'stage' of political action can be analysed.

In the 'NOWORDS' platform, conspiracy theories and my research of truth are presented through the different reading of political interviews. This project offers an audience, that is often captivated by charisma, the opportunity to challenge everything for a moment and try to examine the use of language from a different angle.

Interview overview — The interview with Boris Johnson took place after the first wave of the Corona crisis, which hit Britain very hard. The interview presents Boris in a stressful way while constantly repeating sentences and attacking the media for not taking the future of the crisis into account.
Interview overview — The interview with Benjamin Netanyahu in the recent Israeli government election campaign presents Benjamin Netanyahu as a calculated person who directs the discussion numerous times to control his narrative. In addition, he uses a lot of hand gestures to convey his message.
Body language — Next to the texts, you can see the body language of the interviewee.
Compare between interviews — Compare different interviews to see how different politicians take different approaches.
Repeating statements — The platform highlights repetitive sentences.