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Mixed Media

Yanjie Zhang

Yanjie Zhang is a textile designer based in London and Hangzhou. She has obtained a bachelor’s degree in textile design at the China Academy of Art and a Master’s degree in Textile Design at the Royal College of Art. 

By experimenting with a variety of materials, Yanjie demonstrates a narrative through the design process that explores the relationship between memories, times, moments and eternity. An implicit and secret emotion always runs through her works. 

Degree Details

School of Design

Mixed Media


The project of “forgetting and being forgotten” explores how to find the balance between beauty and sadness or disgust. 

This project is based on the experiences and feelings of Yanjie about forgetting or being forgotten. Due to the onset of the brain disease, she started to have frequent headaches and memory loss, and many memories became vague or even confused, just like a deformed and distorted photo. She was worried and depressed for a long time because forgetting is like missing out on life.

All the same, she gradually realised that the most important thing for everyone is to forgive themselves and embrace destiny. Therefore, she wants to find the space which sits between beauty and chaos. Yanjie tries to pursue the darker side of beauty, that is, the balance of beauty and disgust through materials, form and color.


silicone, elastomeric, cotton mercerised, silk, solvron, pemotex


silicone, knitting