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Mixed Media

Jenny Choi

Obsessed with everything sparkly, Jenny Choi is a textiles designer and artist specialising in embroidery. After graduating from a diploma in Fashion Design, she completed her bachelors in Fashion Textiles Embroidery at the London College of Fashion.

Her work ideates around the human body and the user’s experience by utilising embroidery as the main focus. Jenny aims to modernise and innovate traditional embroidery techniques, allowing self-expression and the representation of culture. 

2020 PriestmanGoode x RCA - Runner Up

Degree Details

School of Design

Mixed Media

RE-LIGHT // This Is Fine

Like sparks from a fire, Re-Light imitates the rekindling of tradition in combination with illuminating materials that represents my practice.

Merging the old and new, The Tiger & Magpie places a Korean folk tale in the current internet culture. With a nod to current memes, these old-fashioned elements were given a twist in order to raise awareness of fading cultures while celebrating the art of the common man. Representing a raw and honest commentary of the present day, memes embrace the absurdity of the times and serve as coping tools. They exist as units of cultural transmission carrying messages from one viewer to the next.

My craft embraces heavily sparkly aesthetics which shapes and challenges the outcome of my projects. With an interest pertaining to the reasons behind why we are attracted to sparkly aesthetics, it pushes the boundaries of what they represent in different contexts. My aim is to tell stories of heritage through humour and shiny materials to create meaningful connections between art and the viewer.

Tambour beading is a hand stitch technique that enables design for disassembly. Previously only used in the context of Haute Couture, I approached Tambour as a skill that allows samples to be fully taken apart. Focusing on material locality, Tambour utilises a circular system, innovating what can or can not be done with beading. These boundaries were applied to different collaborations during my studies at the RCA serving as examples of how Tambour beading can be executed.