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Mixed Media

Woo Jin Joo

Woo Jin is a mixed media artist inspired by the ordinary objects in our daily lives. Her work is influenced by Asian philosophies, tradition, and culture, and explores the human and material relationship in the modern world. She majored in printed textiles at Central Saint Martins before her postgraduate studies at the RCA, specialising in mixed media textiles. Woo Jin employs diverse mediums and techniques in her practice from textile art, embroidery, knitting, to oil painting, drawing and animation. Woo Jin is also one of the curators of an online gallery platform, founded during the start of the 2020 Covid pandemic lockdown. 

2021 Textiles Society Bursary Finalist

2020 Regenerative List 100

2020 Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy Pioneer

Woo Jin Joo

RE-ENCHANT / Human and Material Gap

Through her work, Woo Jin explores the often human-centric and broken material system of modern society. As Freya Mathews wrote in Post-Materialism, ‘In pre-materialist societies, there was a depth of meaning and a feeling for the profound mystery and poetry of human existence that tends to be lacking in materialist societies.’ Woo Jin seeks to re-enchant and re-mystify a lost poetry in the way we see and engage with our materials and natural world, so that we could build more mindful and respectful relationships with the non-human entities that surround us. Her work provides an opportunity for the viewers to reassess their own perception of the often overlooked objects around them.  

In her current project Human and Material Gap, Woo Jin is especially focused on our relationship with textiles as a material. Textiles, which touch every corner of our lives, from the moment we are born, to the day we die, are an inseparable part of our daily lives. Yet, we no longer seem to appreciate their value due to its ever-growing abundance, diminishing price, and ease of disposal. How could we begin to mend this appalling relationship with textiles? How could we look beyond the consumeristic aspect of textiles? These are the questions that drive Woo Jin in creating her intricate embroidery sculptures and drawings, which provides viewers a chance to pause and appreciate the potential of industrially produced textile items. 

I Dream of You
I Dream of You — Embroidery on an ​old sock. W29xH34xD4 cm (Flat).
Human and Material Gap
Human and Material Gap — The title of the project comes from East Asian understanding of the word 'Human' or 'Human World', which is compromised of characters that mean 'Man', and 'Gap'. Stretching this idea to our material world, this project explores our current relationship with textiles as a material.
Don't Look Back — Embroidery Stop Motion Animation
虎死留皮,人死留名。 — (When a tiger dies, it leaves behind its skin. When a man dies, he leaves behind his name.) Embroidery on IKEA bag. W80xH28xD40 cm.
十长生 (Ten Symbols of Longevity)
十长生 (Ten Symbols of Longevity) — Embroidery on IKEA bag. W85xH35xD30 cm.
RE-new — Embroidery on an old sweater. W140xH125xD3 cm.
RE-new Idea Development
RE-new Idea Development
Drawing Imaginary Narratives of Found Clothes
Drawing Imaginary Narratives of Found Clothes — 'Cloth is receptive, fills the contours, listens to the need, find its strength in flexibility... Cloth belongs to the body.' - Debra Fraiser