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Abi Sheng

Abi is a 3D artist, identity engineer, and researcher whose practice engages transhumanism and consciousness studies. As a future thinker, she believes that generating artificial bodies will be more relevant than designing garments in the future of fashion.

As a person who worked around the body for years, Abi is developing the idea of re-engineering bodies with generative design, combing anatomy, and mechanical engineering.

She is a body engineer whose work is devoted to rebuilding the identity system and constructing a utopia for equality by offering a system for customizable, transformative physical appearances and body modifications through fashion.

Her digital work is a visual reflection of the evolving present, an artist’s approach to encoding realities. She is developing a healing process to expand consciousness through recreating psychedelic experiences and meditation in the virtual world.  

From quantum to cosmos, the self is the Planck unit of the cosmos. 

What is essential to you is your computational configuration…

An Inner power from thinking, primitive desire, and emotion, an outer impact of ego, existential, and biosocial needs.

Appearance, race, gender, age, social status, money, fame…

Identities, identities, identities

Are we like the oyster imprisoned in its shell?

Human evolution, transhumanism, what does it mean to be transcended?

The body or the mind?

Redesigning bodies, a revolution for the mind and soul.

Rebuild the identity system and construct an equal utopia.

Once the body is a transformative form, we are free and will be united in diversity, in the feed, the cosmological consciousness

I am not a girl, But I am not a boy either


Real human size

Envisioning fully efficient bodies that blend biomaterial and synthetic actuation. The body is a the vessel with the moving spirit/soul. To get to this point, we are aiming to use animate biomaterial skin, bio-resin for the form, and efficient actuation systems to envision the future human and future fashion.


Digital renders, Physical Prototypes


Real Human size