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Fashion (MA)



“Fashion as a concept is flickering, showing throughout time how it operates as a reaction to current events. Clothes are the most intimate objects we own and the most obvious instrument for self-expression. They are a visual language. Though society is taking small steps in the right direction we must be wary the current moment of inclusion doesn’t become a trend. It is the solution. We have an opportunity and responsibility to pave the way for generations to come. We must continually debate and discuss the importance of diversity and inclusivity. Action makes for change.”

(Sissel Kärneskog, 2020)

Rejecting the binary conventions of gendered fashion at a time when the unlearning and dismantling of all oppressive societal structures is absolutely pertinent, Humanwear is a platform through which to think through what it means to be human. What are our values? What are the communities we design for? Crucially: how can fashion practice be an agent of change?

From traversing beyond bodies into digital selves and posthuman worlds, to intimate and very physical introspection, to reimagining models for collective and collaborative making, our designers position fashion as a site of resistance, a materiality for socio-political exploration.

Text: Annie Mackinnon

Image Credit: Abi Sheng