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Xianyun Huang

Xianyun Huang is a Textile Print designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art and Chelsea College of Art. She views textiles and fashion as an extension of one’s self or an expression of one’s personal story. She works in multiple forms applying personal experience and narrative into her design practice, in order to foster fluid dialogues between fashion and art performance, highlighting the opportunities for a multidisciplinary practice.

Degree Details

School of Design


RE-CONSTRUCT // How textiles can be a medium to tell  the most intimate stories behind our body and to promote  body diversity to embrace our imperfections.

This project aims to challenge the ‘ideal body’ in social culture through conceptual methods, to reconstruct the intimate relationship between the body and the body image, inspired by the people who have body dysmorphia. By interviewing different people who have body dysmorphia and negative body image, the stories behind the scenes were further explored. through a series of bloated clothing and distorted patterns to express the cognitive dissonance of self-image of people with body dysmorphia.

The project functions as a kind of positive propaganda for diversity, to create works that speak to different body stories and a different range of emotions, employing fashion and performance to explore conceptual and kinetic possibilities. 

"Body Insecurities" film -2021
Look1 — Jacquard woven fabrics
Look1 — Utilising padding to create distorted body silhouettes.
Look 2
Explore kinetic possibilities with jacquard woven fabric.
Explore kinetic possibilities with jacquard woven fabric.
Body Experimentation — Take photos in front of a distorted mirror to reproduce the mental imagery and ‘‘felt impression of BDD.
Experiment with illusions patterns on the body, to explore how patterns change the body perceptions.
Illusion Print Development
Look 3 — Jacquard woven fabrics
Look 3 — Close-up


Jacquard woven fabrics: recycled polyester yarn, tension polyester yarn. utilising padding : featherless recycled from plastic.