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Vivien Carolyn Reinert

Vivien Reinert is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a strong visual aesthetic. She specialises in printed textiles with a strong focus on bold colours and the process of layering and combining a breadth of different mediums and techniques on top of one another as well as imitating textures and surfaces.

Upon completing her Foundation Diploma with Distinction at Central Saint Martins in 2015 she went on to study her BA in Textile Design at the specified beforehand institution, graduating in 2019 with a First Class Honours. In the same year she embarked on her MA in Printed Textiles at the Royal College of Art.

In 2020 Vivien also became the founder and co-curator of the Instagram online gallery Creating in Crisis.

RE-LATIONSHIP // Finding Comfort in Discomfort - Floating Around Amongst the Grounded. An Investigation into Comfort and Discomfort.

The aim of this project was to rebuilt and redefine my affinity with my practice - print design - following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and as a result of that the closure and inaccessibility of the, for my work vital, print workshop facilities. A central part of this concept was the aspect of the relationship between me and my work, as well as my surroundings and how I define comfort and discomfort. This time of standstill was accompanied by feelings of groundlessness, loneliness, floating and doubting of myself and my practice - discomfort - that forced me to critically reflect on the works I have been creating since embarking on my MA journey. I was reassessing whether I could identify with them and ultimately trying to remember my motives to create and make in the first place.

These reflections were frequently uncomfortable as I had to recognise that my aesthetic had fallen by the wayside, especially during the first term of my final year. By subjecting myself to this discomfort, making peace with it, I ultimately was able to return to a state of comfort and experimental joy in my practice and in these uncertain times. 

During this period of discomfort and loneliness I found connection to other individuals through exchanging about my subject matter: comfort and discomfort. Those exchanges turned into interviews that would form the foundation and source of inspiration for my project. 

Fundamentally „Finding Comfort in Discomfort - Floating Around Amongst the Grounded. An Investigation into Comfort and Discomfort.“ was a way for me to reconnect with my environment, my friends and family through collaboration at a time where forced isolation had replaced companionship as well as resurrect my love for my practice.


JeongJae's Comfort.
Fei's Discomfort.
Vivien's Discomfort.
Fei's Comfort.

Screen printed final neoprene fabric samples based on the collected comfort and discomfort colours, textures and shapes of friends, family and myself. The information for these pieces were gathered through informal interviews with different individuals.

With all of my pieces I attempted to create maps of a person that my audience could "read" and that would tell them about another person's comfort and discomfort. That is why none of the pieces are rectangular but rather odd shaped. Because humans are not square.


Neoprene and self-dyed wool, eyelets, buttons and robes. Techniques: Screen printing, embroidery, quilting, vinyl and gloss.


Various sizes, all roughly 45 x 50 cm.
Illustration based on Christine's Objects of Comfort.
Collection of Illustrations based on Friends and Families Objects of Comfort and Discomfort. — From left Top to Bottom right: 1. Christine's Objects of Discomfort; 2. Fei's Objects of Comfort (left) and Discomfort (right); 3. JeongJae's Objects of Comfort (left) and Discomfort (right); 4. Aro's Objects of Discomfort.
Collection of Collages based on Friends and Families Objects of Comfort and Discomfort. — From left Top to Bottom right: 1. Fei's Objects of Comfort (1); 2. JeongJae's Objects of Comfort; 3. Fei's Objects of Discomfort; 4. Fei's Objects of Comfort (2); 5. Aro's Objects of Discomfort; 6. Vivien's Object's of Discomfort.
Combining Friends and Families Objects with their Colours of Comfort and Discomfort. — From left to right: 1. JeongJae's Comfort Object and his Colours of Comfort and Discomfort; 2. Fei's Discomfort Object and his Colours of Comfort and Discomfort; 3. Vivien's Discomfort Object and her Colours of Comfort and Discomfort.

These illustrations as well as collages are based on a collection of objects of comfort and discomfort that were given to me by relationships: family members, friends and acquaintances. My practice is about documenting and mapping the outside environment. During the second lockdown my immediate surroundings, my home, as well as the homes of the people I communicated with, became my new source of inspiration. I asked them to send me pictures of objects in their home that, for whatever reason (colour, texture or emotional association), represent comfort and discomfort for them.

Creating these illustrations and collages was a way for me to generate design developments that contained the different elements of an individuals comfort and discomfort whilst still being ambiguous and open for interpretation.

For every comfort and discomfort I created several versions for the different individuals. They would then chose their favourite and the chosen design was then taken into the next stage of the design development process. This was done to keep the exchange and collaboration between them and me going.

For all designs I decided to combine the uncomfortable and comfortable colours in one piece. That is because my aim was to merge the two together. I wanted to create pieces that contain the whole person, whilst at the same time working with the idea that ones discomfort could be the comfort of someone else looking at the final piece.


Paper, fine liner, Posca pens and glue.


Various sizes.