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Ye Zhang

Ye Zhang is a China-based multidisciplinary textile designer, an artist with a fashion background at BA. She studies textile specializing in print and has a passion for exploring interdisciplinary in the textile world. Her MA work practice in the relationship between wellbeing and story, focusing on self-explore, bringing the emotion, humanity in a storytelling way. She focuses on the narrative with a whimsical aesthetic, employing a wide range of kinetic movement, which turns out the empathy interacted with viewers.

Reperceive, to find invisible love

“Hidden love” is an interactive textile installation. it leads the viewer to pull the rope that is connected on the top of the installation and notice the hidden part by themselves.

This project is based on the high-context culture in Asia where people intend not to say what they want to say directly but express through non-verbal action. Many affections sign send from parents are quite cryptic that it’s hard to sense, until when we grow up and look back at what our parents said and did.

They love each other, But they hurt each other.

Focusing on hidden love, this project explores the relationship between parent and youth, showing the interaction of their love and psychological change.

Hidden Love
Interactive work — Viewers can pull the rope that connected on the top of the sculpture
Detail — The body detail
Portrait — Photograph by Qian Jiang , post-processing / toning by Ye Zhang
Portrait — Photograph by Qian Jiang
Unfold — Photograph by Qian Jiang , post-processing / toning by Ye Zhang
Love translate into objects
Love translate into objects — visualise invisible love through objects that the love of parents have been secretly hidden in
Illustration — Object contained love are superimposed layer by layer over time
Detail of the fabric
printed textile
The detail