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Minsun Kim

Minsun is a Korean weaver with an academic background in fibre art and textiles. She completed her B.A. in South Korea and subsequently attended the Royal College of Art for her M.A. Through her undergraduate programme, she broadened her knowledge of the various textile techniques. She also gained significant experience through her internship as a women’s wear designer at 8 Seconds. Following this, Minsun concentrated her work in print, weaving, and installation art, and she is currently pursuing her master’s degree.

- 2020 Logitech X RCA, Grand Challenge Human being & Being Human Finalist

- 2021 American Tapestry Alliance International Student Award Winner

Degree Details

School of Design


REPRESENT // Life story of Trees

“How can we represent tree’s life in a formative way using woven textiles?” 

Inspired by the age rings of trees, this project was developed based on the perspective that humans and trees have similarities and differences in representing life. Each tree has an age ring that speaks the story of its life and trees are expressing themselves slowly and distinctively in their own way, influenced by their circumstances.

This project seeks to express the topic via formative experiments that move away from flat textiles and aims to reveal the characteristics of craft and soft sculpture inherent in textiles. Soft sculpture makes the work itself stand out when placing in a gallery. However, it effectively shows both the soft sculpture and space when placed in the space context that captures the overall mood. By representing tree’s life through weaving and three-dimensional shapes, woven pieces can be sculptural, functional, or non-functional but decorative. By harmonising the theme of the life story of trees, with the characteristics of crafting, the project guides the audiences to feel the mood of warmth and comfort. Also, imagining the life story of trees makes tree's life to be respected.