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Graphic Design

Meli Berney

I am an artist, researcher and filmmaker based in London.


BA, Graphic Media Design, UAL: London College of Communication, London

Recent Exhibitions (2019)

Digital Edge, Somerset House, London

Here and There, Today Art Museum (Beijing)

Degree Details

School of Communication

Graphic Design

In my work, I explore ideas around representation and its politics. I am interested in making films in collaboration — collecting footage by giving the camera directly to others — working from found footage and archival material.

Come and see my work at the TerminalRCA, an exhibition comprised of graduates of the Visual Communication programme at the Royal College of Art, which will be held at the Ugly Duck, 27–30 June 2021.

Screenings at the Ugly Duck

6PM — 26th June

8:30PM — 27th June

11:30AM — 28th June

Still from 'Basel Street'
Video 'Basel Street'
Still from 'Basel Street'

Through interview and archival evidence, this video essay explores Switzerland's hidden colonial history. It exposes a historical legacy by combining archival material and present-day footage, researching the origin of the Swiss chocolate. Its narrative is constructed around one question: How did a country that has never been recognised as a colonial power, come to have a national emblem made from a tropical raw material? This exploration starts at Basel Street in Accra, Ghana. 


Video Essay


10 min.
Video 'Footages from a Live Cam'
Still from 'Footages from a Live Cam'
Still from 'Footages from a Live Cam'

In 2020, Covid forced migrant workers to walk thousands of kilometres, out of the city. Featuring an unlikely protagonist — a Tree in a roundabout in Bengaluru Karamtaka, this video explores the politics of space and inequalities through the prisms of social class. 




3 min.