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Graphic Design

Nayonika Ghosh


I am Nayonika. 

An Indian multidisciplinary designer based in London. 

My practice explores the notion of in-betweenness; between cultures, languages and materials. Observe, make and reflect - are the three ideals that inform my methodology. I thrive in research-driven and collaborative environments. As an improvisational designer, I thoroughly enjoy creating/facilitating systems, tools and structures for interaction and speculation. With a keen focus on typography, colour and the politics of identity. My practice extends over graphic design, photography, moving image and writing.

I graduated with B. Des in Visual Communication and Strategic Branding with a minor in Contemporary Art Practices from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India. During my time at the Royal College of Art, I have collaborated and participated in organising multiple events and student groups such as Typographic Singularity 2020, The Walkative Society, Talk Shop, Content-Free and Terminal (Visual Communication Show 2021).

If you wish to know more about my work or collaborate, feel free to get in touch.

Due to Covid-19, the lockdowns, and restrictions, how we work and live have changed immensely. The definitions of space and self are changing. The boundaries that we established between them are a blur. As an MA student, this condition amalgamated the questions I posed to myself into a line of inquiry for my practice.

My practice exists in-between.

It is -

Singular and Collaborative.

Systematic and Arbitrary.

Archival and Dissemination.

Digital and Analogue. 

I travel through this in-betweenness. 

Exploring identity; acknowledging transience. 

Exploring language; questioning translation. 

Exploring materiality; challenging color and film. 

Through my practice, I invite you into my journey of the in-between. Hoping that you can find a fragment of familiarity. 

In-between Website — Best viewed on a desktop.
Inbetween. An Entity. An Identity. — Stills from the film.
Inbetween: Countries and Cultures — Live on Content Free!
Endi — A variable typeface translating between Latin and Devanagari forms.
Colour + Film — An exploration of Materiality.

Inbetweenness trouble, begs questions, perplexes. The exploration of inbetweenness has similar ambitions; seeking, through its engagement with things, to reflect on the arbitrariness of seemingly self-evident categories; valuing ambiguity over false certainty. — Paul Basu, The Inbetweenness of Things: Materializing Mediation and Movement between Worlds

I invite you to explore this in-betweenness with me. Where narratives share contemporaneity. Where the hybridity of language is expressed through form. Where transitory materials dictate the outcome. 

To participate in this journey, visit Note: The site is best viewed on desktop.


Website, Moving image, Typography, Analogue Film, Prints
Digital deliverables for social media

“TERMINAL is not where; it’s when. It unpacks the broader questions when brought on. When everything is unmoving, uncertain and unprecedented, how do we change, create, grow? When in isolation energy is a limited resource, what can we afford to create? When art is deemed non-essential, how can sacrifices and compromises inform new values in the work we take into the post-Covid world — what is essential?”

Terminal unpacks the students’ experience of spending 18 months in a terminal-like space, and seeing it as an essential period in critical thinking and making. Visitors are invited to join this speculative space spread across nine exhibition Zones. The identity of Terminal is inspired by digital, grid-based communication systems, such as LED-signage and ASCII and aims to provide the elements and ideas into the physical room. The identity of Terminal is exploring the idea of a shared space, both physical and digital.

The Visual Communication 2021 MA graduates of the RCA, are pleased to invite you to their physical show, TERMINAL. The show opens for private viewing on the 26 June (5.30am - 10pm) and is open to the public from the 27-30 June (10am-10pm), at Ugly Duck in Southwark, London.

Book your tickets, here! More information on @terminal_rca or on our Facebook page TERMINAL RCA.

Visual Assets — For Invisible Borders: A collaboration between the students at Academy of Fine Arts Nürnberg and RCA, Open Call for students to participate, The physical show for Invisible Borders in Nürnberg.
Visual Assets — For a set of walks led by students at the RCA in collaboration with The Walkative Society.

Through participant and guest-led walks, written and visual documentation, The Walkative Project explores walking as a process of thinking, researching, collaborating and making. Find more.

As a Designer-in-Residence (2020-2021) in collaboration with Konstantina Benaki, we worked towards developing and creating visuals for social media and other digital/physical platforms to promote events, workshops and talks.


Digital Deliverables

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Talk Shop is back for an RCA 2021 Show event!

This student group was born from the process of establishing our practices and situating our work in professional spaces. Our goal was to create a space for peer-led learning, solidarity and community, where students could candidly discuss making a living from creative practices.

During this event, Talk Shop will be leading a conversation about the difficulty of accessing creative freedom and fulfilment in our creative studies while feeling bound by external pressures, such as immigration concerns, financial pressures and the perspective of a challenging and highly competitive job market. As students, we often find ourselves torn between conceptual growth and commercial viability, to the detriment of our work, our confidence, and our mental health. We’ll be joined in this discussion by Alec Dudson, founder of Intern. As someone who works to champion students and graduates in their creative careers, we know Alec will have valuable insight into this topic. We hope to start to identify what resources are essential for creative courses to truly allow students creative freedom, growth and balance. 

This conversation will be taking place virtually on the 25th June at 10:30 am BST. Visit this page to register for the event. We hope to see you there!