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Qingqing Liu

Qingqing Liu (b.1995) is a Chinese visual artist who currently based in London. Her works ranges across mediums including film, text, performance and installation. She enjoys playing with and create surreal scenes, influenced by neon-scifi, strange flora. As a result of her curiosity about animism, “the form of beings themselves” is a constant theme in her work. She likes to celebrate the joy of being born out of the darkness. The fact that a thing has extreme properties, both positive and negative, fascinates her. Timelines are also important in her work. Her current practice is set in “Sorry Crisps - Crystal Palace”, a supernormal stimulating world of science fiction, where she fantasizes about the tender sweetness and extreme cruelty of feminist environments. She is also committed to exploring the transcendental material that gives illusion in everything, whether in the physical and virtual worlds.

She contributed to developing CAP TV for RCA2021, a platform hosting live and pre-recorded broadcasts from across Contemporary Art Practice students. For full listing of upcoming broadcasts visit

Welcome to Sorry Crisps*. Here, you can become anything you want to become. You can cover your skin with any color and material you want, and you can become any size you want. You can choose to be seen, or not to be seen. You can also choose to see or not see others. These are the rules of this world.

Qingqing chooses to cover her body with a plastic material, fully transparent, and you can see the whole world through her, but the whole world seen through her will have a subtle refracted light of pink and purple, like a pair of pink sunglasses.

Earth is a spaceship no different from any other spaceship. And all the communication between it and other spaceships takes place in a virtual world. I'll call it a virtual world so that it's easy for you to understand but, in fact, the virtual world is the world. In this world there is a ship named Sorry Crisps, and one called Crystal Palace.

Once all human beings lived aboard Sorry Crisps, but after a pandemic, people were no longer able to meet easily. Those who had not yet been infected by the virus built a new ship almost identical to the Sorry Crisps, in order to escape the virus, navigate a new cosmic route and be able to continue to reproduce.

*Name comes from the station Surrey Quays, London

Breathe With Me (2021), 6’25”

For the construction of the infrastructure for the residents of Sorry crisps, the 2000 Ton City designed by super studio in 1971 has become a reality. Here there is only a continuation of a single building, consisting of square nesting rooms. Each unit is equipped with technology capable of meeting all human needs and physical demands. Ceiling screens are pressed down with 2000 tons of gravity until they are completely airtight with the floor. The material body and space no longer exist, and life is filled only with virtual screens and highly dense media messages. A real tactile sensation in the age of existing objects is replaced by a visually dominated illusion. At the same time, the extraordinary stimulation of the screen amplifies the inhabitants' desire for the high purity of colour that is almost non-existent in nature.


Digital Online Video / Video Installation


6’25” / Variable dimensions
Video Poster - STATE OF THE ART Symposium, 2021, 00’33”

This is a collaboration with artists River CaoChloe Langloisand Chia Yu Yeh to represent the Ministry of Defence at STATE OF THE ART CAP Symposium on behalf of Sorry Crisps.

We produced a MoD promotional film combined with a performance based on the zoom formatI wrote the script and participated in the production as one of the performers and post-producers.

To avoid a pandemic, our human beings are confined to their own rooms, like parts of the spaceship. They only work and live in their own cabins. The military branch of the Ministry of Defence is in the process of being dismantled as the outside environment has become off-limits. 

The Ministry of Defence has been transformed from defending national territory in the real world to defending national interests in the virtual worldThus we hope to achieve TOTAL FLESH COMMUNISMwhere the state becomes a subscription service (albeit mandatory). All programmes are taken out of your screen , replaced by programmes produced by the Ministry of Defence. MoD also further explored the body politic that has to do with drug use. In the virtual world, we opted for a rave party based on body rhythms.We danced and encouraged the audience to dance with us.

The next EVENT will be held on Zoom on Sunday July 4 at 8pm BST as the closing event of CAP TV. Following the MoD Manifesto, we will have performers, DJs and dancers leading the audience into our mandatory ecstasy.

Watch it on CAP TV: Link above




Variable duration
Sorry Crisps Empire Baby Kit Instruction(2021), 5’21”

Once upon a time there was a planet very similar to Eartha spaceship to be precise.

It kept on running in the universe because its engine system had a number of parts that could reproduce themselves and circulate and digest in the operating system.

These parts have one basic job every dayto breatheto use their own internal structure to inhale oxygen and to expel the carbon dioxide needed by the ship.

These parts have recently undergone a replication revolutioneliminating the process of automatically matching all parts in batches before they are formed and then reproducing them.

The hand has now become a reproductive organWe no longer have to endure the pain of Eve!

Let's take a look at the new learning manual!


Digital Online Video / Video Installation


5’21” / Variable dimensions