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Sorry Crisps Ministry of Defence Rave Party

Sunday 4 July 19:00 (GMT +0)

Contemporary Art Practice (MA)Moving Image

Welcome to the SORRY CRISPS spaceship, you are all the luckiest surviving humans to hear the final declaration given to you by the Ministry of Defense in order to enter our wonderful new world.

During the pandemic our human beings have been confined to their own cabins, and the military branch of the Ministry of Defence is in the process of being dismantled as the outside environment has become off-limits. Tonight, we are sworn to defend our last territory - your screen. The Ministry of Defense has been transformed from defending national territory in the real world to defending national interests in the virtual world. Thus we hope to achieve TOTAL FLESH COMMUNISM. The state has become a subscription service (albeit mandatory) and all programs in your cabins have been replaced with content produced by the Ministry of Defense. The new DJ
branch of the MOD will stream a series of military and dance music performances into your screens and we encourage wild audience participation (don’t fret this bit is optional).

PLEASE NOTE!!! This is a mandatory rave, your body no longer belongs to you. YOU MUST COME! YOU MUST DANCE! YOU MUST BE HAPPY! Black out is only for people in prison states.






Remember: MINISTRY OF DEFENSE is watching you!

Featured in Theme: Alternative Worlds