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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSC)

Lisa Aoyama

Hi! I’m Lisa, a designer that loves to question things, and get people to question things too. Questions are powerful because they can trigger curiosity, enquiry, and empathy.

Before RCA, I studied design at Tokyo University of the Arts, where I was trained as a maker and an artist. So I gravitate more towards questioning the unquestioned, and exploring what could be rather than what will be.

I use expression to shift the way people think. I like to think of innovation not through behavioural but perceptual change.

When I learnt about misinformation spreading on Instagram through influencers, I really felt like I was not exempt from the whole “fake news” problem. My feed was not a “safe haven” just because I curated my feed myself. We live in a society with big problems, but how are we supposed to act if we are influenced unknowingly, and end up believing in the wrong things?

I was told that this was a “difficult topic” on so many occasions, and it certainly was, mainly because it’s about how people think and what they believe, and that’s a contentious area. But I do hope that the project acts as a provocation for you — even if momentarily — to pause and think about how you're influenced, and how you trust someone, on social media.


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