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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSC)

Lior Shulak-Hai

Lior Shulak-Hai is a strategic thinker and maker focused on human interaction. During her pursuit of a masters in Innovation Design Engineering (MSc/MA) she specialised in building concepts based on user experiences and defining clear problem-based narratives. She is passionate about exploring people’s emotional needs and sees design as a powerful tool that can bridge gaps and make a positive change in people’s lives. Her work is characterised as conceptual, but also hands-on which allows her to balance user needs with real-life limitations, and to combine empathetic design approaches when different users are involved.

Awards & Recognitions

2021. Participant - Wild Card accelerator by EIT health (as part of BrightSide- Group project)

2016. Finalist- The future of fashion program by Not Just a Lable.

2014. ITS (International Talent Support) competition- Swarovski Jewellery Award, first prize at the Jewellery category & Samsung project finalist.

2013. Graduation with honours, Jewellery Department, Shenkar College.

2011. Henry and Miriam Solan Excellence Award for Academic Achievements, Jewellery Department, Shenkar College.

When coming to choose a topic for my solo project, I looked at it as an opportunity to better define myself as a designer. From my exploration in the field of human interaction, I chose to frame my project around the communication gap between designers and developers in the software industry. 

The main purpose of my project was to come up with an intervention that provides professional prosperity and personal growth through a practical solution by bridging gaps on cross-functional teams. Ultimately helping practitioners from different backgrounds better understand their peers and themselves.

Mix’s intervention introduces an innovative approach for developing software by focusing on the communication and relationship between developers and designers. Mix is a hybrid solution that functions both as a digital tool-based intervention and as an additional methodology layer to the existing software development process. The design and functionality are based on insights I have concluded from interviews and experiments that I conducted during the past few months. 

For any questions about my work or associated business, please don’t hesitate to contact me via

Tools integration — When users register, Mix will integrate with their tools’ ecosystem. This allows Mix to recognise and flag situations where cross-disciplinary feedback is needed.
The Feedback Flag — In this demo Mix identified a new component, so it's actively encouraging the designer to consult with a developer while working on a task, to avoid future negative surprises. Now the designer has a chance to ask for relevant feedback from the developer that will help him to make informed design decisions during the process.
The Dialogue Hub — With this feature, users can access all past documented interactions. They can search topics by keywords or by date, in order to go back and check the archived valuable informal knowledge.
The communication map — A visual communication map that is generated by Mix’s Natural Language Processing technology, will help the users to keep track of the interaction patterns to maintain fruitful communication with their colleagues.
MiX O'clock — Here while the product manager is working, her Mix o’clock arrives. She can see the latest correspondence between the designer and the developer which can help her track what is happening in her team and provide relevant support in real-time. Her feedback will provide teams with a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their process and adjust accordingly.
Communication analysis — The communication analysis feature will allow the product managers to maintain a data-based reflection process. Learning what were the obstacles discussed in the different projects will help them make educated future management decisions.