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Experimental Design

Jingyi Sun | 孙婧怡

Jingyi is a research based designer working across visual design, installation art, and creative coding.



1998 - 2001 北京明天幼稚集团第一幼儿园, Beijing Tomorrow Kindergarten Group No.1 Kindergarten


2013 - 2017 上海纽约大学 NYU Shanghai, B.S. in Interactive Media Arts, double major Global China Studies

2019 - 2021 Royal College of Art, Information Experience Design



X-cavations, Crypt Gallery December 2019

upcoming IED exhibition BEEP BEEP, Menier Factory, 23rd -25th July 2021


↓ was this an actual screenshot of my face while attempting to upload content onto this interface?

My practice is focused on making physical objects that act as a philosophical and emotional response to contemporary life. I am interested in the relationship between the personal and the collective, often integrating my own experiences to speak on wider themes. As a Beijing-born-and-raised, Shanghai-(higher)-educated and now London-based designer, topics such as language and cities as carriers and spaces of identity are central to my work. I see my work as an act of "making a reference" to an item in collective knowledge, often including semi-cryptic information that relies on the audience's own knowledge and library to make a connection.

Elsewhere 异乡 is an installation exploring the tug-and-pull relationship diasporic individuals have with their homeland (a "there") and place of residence (a "here") through a study of embroidered languages and the desk as a liminal space existing in between the two places. The English title of the project comes from my answer to the 2021 UK census question "What is your country of birth?" Yet depending on how you look at it, the word elsewhere can be used to refer to either "here" or "there", something that the Chinese title of the project (Other's Land) alludes to.

☎️ IED hotline extension number #221

To leave a comment about my work or to say hello, please dial the free IED hotline number 020 39831592 or overseas +(44)2039831592. International calls cost subject to your operators fees.

physical install — 10am London, 5pm Beijing
a single elsewhere dissected: The Word, the Desk and the Stitch
floorplan + visual sketch

The installation is composed of six desks that can either be displayed together or scattered across a space. Desks with a pink blob underneath are set up for participation, whereas desks with a red blob underneath are set up for observation.

150cm desks, set up for participatory sewing
120cm desks, text sewn on paper
55cm desks, text sewn on paper

Detailed looks at the mixture of languages chosen for each of the desks.


Paper, Embroidery Thread, Reclaimed Desks
55cm desk, embroidery — 10pm London, 5am Beijing
flip side of same desk
120cm desk, embroidery — 6pm London, 1am Beijing
flip side of same desk
150cm desk, sewing template — 1pm London, 8pm Beijing
flip side of same desk

A closer look at the physical setup in a series of different lighting environments.


Paper, Embroidery Thread, Reclaimed Desks
very proud of this — for reference, this ~100cm banner took around 8 days, with 8 hours of sewing each day
small tools for sewing + other props
making waves with paper + words
overlay of languages
various initial tests on material, feasibility, measurements
a sample of the sewing process, a constant flipping back and forth between the two sides


Paper, Thread
basic sewing instructions
2 person sewing process — ~9 min of sewing (video is sped up), first half filmed from one side, second half filmed from the other side
2 person sewing process — ~5min of sewing, shot simultaneously from both sides
collaborative sewing samples
two person sewing setup

Two of the six desks in the installation are set up as blank templates so that the audience can participate in the sewing of the words, with the booklet acting as an instructional guide. Tools are provided, and the goal of this participation is to set up a space for conversation, to let the audience experience the sewing along with the emotions that arise from this process, as well as to create something together.


Paper, Thread, Wooden Frame, preferably also a friend
page with a tiny surprise
physical copy of booklet, one side detailing overall themes
physical copy of booklet, other side with text translations
digital copy of booklet

This is a booklet I made to annotate and explain some of the research and thought behind elements of the projects. It also acts as a catalogue for people to take away and keep a part of the project with them.


Paper, Thread




My forever sponsors, who have always supported me even if they can't explain to their friends what I'm studying. I hope they will always find me as hilarious as they did when I took this photo.