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XD Spatial Practice: In Limine Symposium

Friday 2 July 16:00 (GMT +0)

School of CommunicationInformation Experience Design (MA)
Estimated Duration: 2 hours

In Limine is a liminal space of transition between the digital space and the physical world. We will hear from three different practitioners about their creative processes in working with experimental spatial typologies, moving in between digital and physical spaces, with a discussion afterwards. Online event that will be streamed in an experimental pavilion space in Wormwood Scrubs (weather permitting).

Speaker Bios:

Claude Dutson:

Dr Claude Dutson is an interdisciplinary media artist and academic whose work investigates architecture, technology, and labour from a feminist critical perspective. Claude trained in Architecture at the University of East London and the Royal College of Art completing a PhD at the RCA in Architecture in 2016. She also has a background in Media Studies, working in new media consultancy at the height of the dotcom boom – and subsequent bust – in the 1990s. She is an experienced design studio tutor teaching the Experimental Design Pathway (XD) in MA Information Experience Design and leads the Object Mediated Interactions (OMI) Platform in MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art. Claude’s current research is on the spatial tactics of Silicon Valley tech giants Apple, Facebook and Google - and she is writing a book on the Architecture of Silicon Valley due to be published by Routledge in 2023.

Michaela French

Michaela French is an artist, lecturer and researcher working with light and time-based media across a broad range of artistic and creative contexts. Light serves as subject, medium, information and experience in her artistic practice which is grounded in an ecological systems-based approach. Michaela designs and produces innovative artworks and award-winning moving image experiences for screen, cinema, planetaria, 360° immersive media spaces, contemporary performance, museums and gallery exhibition. Her artistic research investigates the systemic interrelation between light, body, perceptual experience and environment through practice-based and theoretical enquiry. The ecological principles of reciprocity and mutuality are central to her enquiry which aims to inspire debate about the ecological imperatives which increasingly influence contemporary artistic and cultural practice. Michaela is a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Arts University and Chair of the Fulldome Arts Network. A portfolio of Michaela's work is available at

Maria Mclintock

Maria McLintock is a curator and writer in architecture and design. She works as an Assistant Curator at the Design Museum, London, where she has co-developed the exhibitions David Adjaye: Making Memory (2019) and Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers (2020), among others. She is a Visiting Lecturer in Architectural History and Theory at the School of Architecture, University of Limerick, and an Associate Lecturer in Design Theory at University of the Arts, London. She has written on the intersections of architecture, migration and social systems for publications such as Architectural Review and Failed Architecture. She is a Young Trustee of the Architecture Foundation, London, celebrating lesser-known and emerging practitioners within the culture of architecture. In 2016, she co-founded the research project System of Systems that examines the use of technology and bureaucracy in the asylum-seeking process in Europe, producing critical publications and public programming.

Presenter & Guests: Claude Dutson, Michaela French, Maria McLintock