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Experimental Design

Jack Smith


Jack Smith is a multi disciplinary artist and designer, operating at the intersections of art-direction, spatial, communication, and experiential design. Recently joining Burberry's global retail department as a 3D designer in London, following positions at Studio Roosegaarde, Adidas HQ and Central Saint Martins.

”As an amateur naturalist making science fiction art, I hope to spend the rest of my time pointing out weird and wonderful things about the world, making memorable experiences which really make you feel something.”

My design practice has contemplated space travel through the combined lens of the astronaut and of the psychonaut. Where the participants perception and behaviour is without the influence and constraints of the body bound by gravity.

Here I find an unfamiliar, unusual and ungrounded vantage point to speculate from. How do you design for an environment that has no up or down? What kind of novel information can we bring back from that space? It is this design challenge that requires a total shift in perspective, a kind of un-learning, and a degree of simulation.

Tools and techniques of that simulation then become a platform intended to mediate and liberate realities. It is a journey that starts in outer space and which ends deep inside. Thanks to all tutors and technicians.

— Polystyrene ball floats upon a sound wave, manipulated photograph.
— Electrical stimulation of biological membrane recorded on emulsion film.