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Wednesday 30 June 09:30 (GMT +0)

School of Arts & HumanitiesContemporary Art Practice (MA)Moving ImageCritical PracticePublic Sphere

A splendid cacophony of moving image from across the CAP programme

A chance to wallow in wonder at the thought provoking creations brought together for your viewing bewilderment. Shown one after the other, presenting moving image work from different artists with different practices: what a show


Amy Wright Belly

Shiting Zheng What is destructive and what is productive

Laura Moreton-Griffiths The Adventures of Gas Hood

Rieko Whitfield Regenesis: An Opera Tentacular (Act II and III)

Mathilda Oosthuizen Pages 1-3 To be Something Else

Kevin Siwoff Code Poems

Kathryn Attrill Hiding Places

Paola Estrella Journey to The Underworld

Baocheng Ma The Snow Globe

Helga Dorothea Fannon In the end we will be archives for someone else to make sense of

Louise Orsted Jensen & Katrine Skovsgaard Attention Postponed

Shinhoo Yhi Lullaby for the homeless


And more....

Featured in Theme: Identities, Terra Incognito, Sensuality, Alternative Worlds