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Service Design (MA)

Ziwei Liu

A service designer with UX experience and a strong curiosity for complex systems and research. Particularly passionate about reframing and optimising existing structures with existing resources to make them sustainable in the long term. Special attention is paid to the human experience and development.

Degree Details

School of Design

Service Design (MA)

I have always believed that people are the foundation of society, not only in terms of user experience and interaction, but also in terms of their future development and current situation. This has led me to switch from industrial design as an undergraduate to service design as a postgraduate.

In the various projects in my journey at RCA, I focus on the experience of people as subjects, on reframing and organising the organisation to enhance the experience and long-term development.

— Since the pandemic, WFH and stress have captured everyone's attention. Over the past year, with stress and bad feelings coming up frequently, we have finally realised that working from home is not what we thought it would be. But with the flexibility and cheapness of remote working, more and more organisations are choosing to embrace this new trend. No matter what people think, the world has been changed. How to adapt people to the new working patterns and protect their well-being is the urgent issue.
— It is widely believed that the pandemic is responsible for the phenomenon. However, remote working makes a significant contribution to this due to a number of its features. This exposes people to stress 24/7, which can easily lead to chronic stress and threaten health.
— To address this challenge, with 81 people contributed and through 4 rounds of iteration, we developed NatureBreak through co-creation with potential users. A 3rd party, flexible, and human-centered service partner with multiple organizations. and specifically, focus on urban residents due to the lack of chance to access nature makes a higher level of stress.
— Exploring the nearby green space, and having speacial activities Breaking isolation, meet colleagues in green space and sharing the nature experience. And Adopting into a healthier lifestyle and a more productive working style through the organic combination of work and rest.
— we will engage the organisation in the first place, create a clear attitude for the attention to wellbeing and. thus empower employees able to focus on their well-being and adapting to the most comfortable working rhythm without hesitation. Bringing teams closer together and breaking down social isolation through offline meetings and online communication about the Greenfield experience

NatureBreak is a service to support remote employees at an organizational level to explore nature and get social support within working hours.

Improving well-being and adopting a healthier lifestyle and a more productive new working style through the organic combination of work and rest.