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School of Design

Service Design (MA)


This year we celebrate 43 projects from 75 students spread across the world who have communicated through screens for most of their studies. Despite this, these projects are some of the best we've seen on this pioneering course. Tackling the problems of now, they give us hope that we can create a fairer future.

This year’s show is entitled Facing Forward. With our amazing industry partners our students continue to uncover deep insights into vital topics, developing creative responses that have embraced responsible, ethical and equitable practices

These projects don't just visualise a desirable future. Students have prototyped, tested and proven that future. Despite the challenges they have faced, they have set new standards for service design. We hope these ideas will come to shape how we move to a new future.

This year’s topics;

Responsible Data - projects looking to gain value from data. To connect us together, promote ethics and provide instant user feedback.

Building Resilience - in health, teenage years, gender relationships and hybrid workplaces.

Cultural Systems - how we interact with our surroundings, histories and our future, from museums to automotive systems.

Sustainable Culture and Practice - becoming conscious consumers, accelerating sustainability and creating authenticity and trust.

New Business -  from caring for vulnerable workers to mergers and acquisitions.

Reimagining Agency - radical visions that reconnect humans and enable their agency.

Design for Equity - Beyond equality is equity, from maternity service for Asian women to migrant children in China.

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