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Experimental Communication

Zisu Meng

I am a multimedia artist and interaction designer, currently based in London. As a visual artist, I turn my inspirations into pieces of film, photography, installation, and design. My recent practice uses generated 3D spaces to shape digital images and identities.


2020 Ogilvy Shanghai - Creative Art Intern

2020 Publicis Luxe Shanghai - Creative Art Intern

2021 Tencent Shanghai - Design Intern


2013 - 2017 Beihang University - BEng

2018 - 2021 Royal College of Art - MA

Nature is an indispensable source of inspiration in my creation. I am constantly inspired by life: raindrops, bubbles, flames, ice, snow... All are objects of potential. Flames are eventually snuffed out and the ice will inevitably melt. Each of these moments is unique but constantly recurring. My work attempts to capture the variable within these processes.

While interested in the aesthetics of nature, I am also fascinated by science fiction. I use imagination to speculate on the future of nature, wandering in a blurred space between the virtual and real world. In my works, 'reality' and 'virtual' coexist. I regard my practice as a way of writing poems — showing the audience quiet, beautiful fragments to describe the panic, fear, and struggle against unappeasable forces.

The Garden — DNA rotates regularly, accelerating the evolution of life by changing subtle energies and processes. Inside the ruin-like 'garden', a brand-new ecosystem is forming. It sheds its old body, completing the process of 'evolution' and beginning its new electronic life. Lives dance in the space as if a gentle celebration is being held for their new beginnings. In this beautiful and gentle atmosphere, the energy of time is quietly becoming tense.
video clips

The Garden located at the ecosphere edge, uses virtual technology to explore the possibilities of the natural environment. It challenges the scientific establishment, to see a new picture: the world as one system in which space and life are transformed.

The video takes the form of a long journey to construct a poetic ecological garden, a disorderly virtual garden. The garden is a kind of psychological landscape, with a complex visual experience that allows visitors to enter a place that is both challenging and full of potential contemplation.

In this project, I am more like a researcher who records with a microscopic lens, exploring new secrets about human beings, fantasy, and the future through another identity. This space, wandering between the real and the virtual hopes to arouse visitors' thinking about life and nature. When I am no longer 'me'? Will technology and the Internet overturn the human definition of 'me'?