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Experimental Communication


Rather than being a visual communicator, I prefer to think of myself as someone who relies upon and uses visual communication as eyes and mouth to interact with the outside.

As a communicator based in London, my work has spanned publishing, illustration, animation, photography, writing, and installation. I attach importance to whether the presentation of the work is close to reality, the form is secondary.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Communication

The mundane things of daily life always attract my attention——the pigeons hanging upside down on the porch, the neighbor's windowsill, a sleepless night, the radio in the evening. My work shows my thinking about relationships, which is the connection between me and others, between me and everything but me, between me and myself. My practice is a visualization of my thoughts. All I could perceive are mirrors and coordinates, and I was eager to use them to look for certainty. 

Work from intangible to tangible can be recognized as the footprints left in my journey. I believe in the authenticity of the footprints.


"kuang", an onomatopoeic word, the sound of metal hitting the ground when digging.

Digging further and further down to the ground below where the fountain had sprung up, I tried to find its source. Full of deep holes left by dig around the place I live, but no matter how deep I dig, the water always comes up from deeper...

It will be a journey of nothingness. Self-reflection is like a long pipe with eyes tied, constantly exploring deeper and dee

Animated by sannrrr

Sound Design and Mixed by cc&sannrrr