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Yike Wang

Yike Wang is an interdisciplinary designer working across scales of designs. From the interface, product X service to the system, her work explores themes of technology, health and well-being, and biometrics and data. Her philosophy is joining the cutting edge technology and human-centred design methodology to create an innovative design that strives to solve real-life problems or provoke positive behavioural change.

Starting with Digital Media Art in her bachelor degree, Yike then dived into Innovation Design Engineering(IDE) at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. Through design experiments and process, she has a strong further interest in the intersection of biometrics, healthcare and information data. She gained project and internship experiences at design consultancies and startups across experience and service design.

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This year, coronavirus attack the world unexpectedly. With the ongoing outbreak, our healthcare systems across the world have been pushed to the brink. We realized the approach of traditional healthcare systems to disaster preparedness and prevention has demonstrated problems, with failures like hospitals' laundry overwhelmed, or cleaning staffs exhaustion, etc. Whether the capacity of it can keep pace with diseases is a serious concern. Reversely, it gives us indications about post-epidemic for the future, like upgrading infrastructure and so on.

That evolves Douv, an artificial intelligent badge with platforms empowering cleaning procedures in hospitals under pandemic times. It visually adapts based on data system, shows a hospital’s state of the environment, transfers into responsive actions for cleaners in real-time. With customized modules, more localized functions would be embedded in different hospitals.

Douv — Douv is an AI platform supported with a product, for health resilient hospitals that enables cleaners to continuously improve environmental health by making it measurable and responsive, from detection, estimation, communication and action.
Smart cleaning badge — The badge is a unique identity for cleaners in the hospital. Every cleaner has access to the powerful backup data system through scanning it.
Identity recognition — Using a smart badge virtually to clock in and unlock with the support system to start cleaning day with schedules easily.
Touchless interaction — Cleaners can interact with the screen and get guidance even during the unexpected pandemic time without touch.
Web app dashboard — Cleaners can find onboarding information, cleaning management, feedback, and sufficient information on the hospital environment.
Benefits diagram — Douv helps not only shape efficiency and quality in hospitals' cleaning compliance, but also bring humidity to the hierarchy.