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Yanjiayu Liu

Yanjiayu liu is a product designer based on China. In her design journey, she tends to devote herself to spreading and innovating Eastern traditional cultures, such as folk handicrafts and a cultural-based lifestyle. She wants to make the design become a bridge to connect the past and the present and provides people with more lifestyle possibilities. 

At the same time, she also pursues sustainable life aesthetics. She believes that sustainability not only includes environmental friendliness, sustainable design should also consider people's psychology and allow users to regard products as part of their life. Her design language is concise. Compared with the significant impact on people's lives, she recognizes that design should naturally exist in life and solve problems accurately and cleverly. 

Yanjiayu is a food lover. In her career plan, she dreams of owning her catering brand and creating more story-telling food designs with cultural connotations.

Degree Details

School of Design

Design For Manufacture

This project aims to questions people's food waste underlying behaviors, whether we have ignored the relationship between the food itself and us so as to waste food unconsciously. The final output is a set of tableware that encourages people to eat more attentively and brings people closer to food from the three aspects of concentration, sensory experience, and pleasant feedback.

looking for cherishing
— Both of these dishes come from the local but easily overlooked ingredients, shepherd's purse and green tea produced in spring. They all have a unique flavor and represent the season. During the interaction with this set of tableware, the presence of food will be highlighted.So as to create a connection with the environment and nature.

In the designer's observation of life, she founds that people pay too much attention to how to make up for the issue of food waste that has been caused, while ignoring the influence of self-awareness and underlying behaviours on the food waste phenomenon, such as the prejudice against imperfect food or impending food, or distraction when eating, these individuals' underlying behaviours cause unconscious waste. However, the connection with food can be the trigger for cherishing, and the design play the role of a bridge to connect people and food. 

The connection with food that was enhanced in this project came from concentration, sensory experience, and pleasant feedback.




Ceramics and Clay