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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Xueqi Guo

Xueqi Guo, lives and works in London and Hangzhou. She is a Jewelry artist / designer- maker. She studied BA Jewelry and Metal at China Academy of Art, before studying MA Jewellery and Metal at Royal College of Art. She has been doing jewelry design work for independent design brands for five years.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Jewellery & Metal (MA)

In all of my projects so far, I have been trying to study elements that people usually ignore or are difficult to detect. For example, people pay too much attention to the surface of the object, but ignore the interaction between the object and the surrounding space and the internal performance of the object. As well as my current research topic, I try to lead the audience to perceive and be aware of some invisible forces around us, such as the invisible protection for us after the death of a loved one. It may not be a physical energy, but it really is a psychological one.

In practice, I tend to combine physical elements with natural elements such as light and water. I hope that my works can lead the audience into an interactive experience of the works, rather than just watching them. My works usually have more than one form. When they are standing, when they change under the influence of natural elements, and when they interact with the audience, these all constitute the different forms of the works.

“Life will take your leave in silence, turn into a remote and candid star.” series:

The inspiration comes from my sister's 3-year-old daughter and the changes experienced during the year. I lost my grandma, her great grandma. In the past six months, she often touched the photos and cried and said that she misses her very much, but after crying for a while, she would comfort herself that the great grandma has become a star in the sky, and she can see it by looking up at night.

This is a white lie my sister told her, which gave her a kind of spiritual support and comfort, but we who can no longer believe this statement can only fall into endless sadness.

In this special time, more and more people around the world have lost someone close to them, and more and more people are in grief. However, it is also because of this special period, many basic ceremonies and mourning ceremonies have become extravagant, even the final journey has become a hurry. It's harder for us to let go when we're left behind, relying on beliefs or unknown energies that we don't even know exist, looking for signs that "it could be you" and waiting for our thoughts to be answered.

The lies of the stars... yeah, the lies of the stars. The light gives hope, and the twinkling stars can respond to the thoughts of children every night. Why can't we get simple sustenance like children? I thought whether I could create a ceremony that could be happened at any time by making an artistic product suitable for the social status quo, so that the sadness and missing of adults could be reposed.

My project combines the influence of metaphysics, light elements on human psychology and the cognition of ancient tribes on the energy of water to create two interactive works. I hope that my project is not only a art work, but also an artistic product that the audience can take home, so that the audience can interact with the work more frequently and truthfully.


crystal, silver, arduino, LED, laser, ink