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Rachel Wu is a women’s knitwear designer based in China and London. She has graduated from London College of Fashion, Textiles Department, Knit course and is currently studying at the Royal College of Art for her Master's Degree in Fashion. 

She considers her shift to fashion textile—from knitting to fashion knitwear, along with her pursuit of an advanced degree in the UK, not so much a challenge as an opportunity. During her studies, Rachel continues to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to developing fashion, creativity and collaboration.

Degree Details

School of Design


The project is a reflection of the pandemic year from lockdown and quarantine. The scope of our existing activities has been restricted, and more thinking about the association of space and human beings. It is also the key to produce feeling and emotions, where the fundamental difference between feeling and emotion is experienced consciously.

Under the influence of human fear, I hope to do deep research interpret my inner claustrophobia through the yarn to create a 3D wearable sculpture.