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Jie Hu

Jie Hu is a knitwear designer based in China and London. Her personal practice started from the exploration and interpretation of reality and the phenomenon of contradiction. Her work embodies the stillness and movement of time in the paradoxical space of knitwear and tries to imbue a sense of power in using metaphors in knitting.

Degree Details

School of Design


If we are about to immerse ourselves in a “comfortable trap", how can we distinguish between the sense of security and the sense of crisis in a quiet or noisy environment? Due to the pressure and uncertainty about the future, we sometimes feel unprotected, even when we’re enjoying something and feel that we are still in a comfortable but dangerous environment. 

I was knitting the comfortable trap in my mind like a painting, building a dangerous trap and space that someone can escape or relax in at any time. By transforming the behaviour of dressing, into the act of immersing in a contradictory private space, I am trying to make the wearer and myself better distinguish the boundary between the sense of security and crisis. This is a story about finding a comfortable trap and gradually accepting its disappearance. 

If no measurements are taken, she turns into a little creature resting in a comfortable cyclic space. When the collapse finally begins and the last exit is about to disappear, she remembers that someone has wandered repeatedly into a harmless trap, waiting for hints from unreasonable details. She is trying to hide her true thoughts, but it is a secret that's about to be revealed.

Knitting process - Carnivorous plants

Dangerous Trap - Comfortable Trap


Deconstruct and reorganise a space of contradiction.

Photographer:Yanle Shen

Model: Jade Wang, Jie hu

Retouching:Jie hu

Perhaps the truth that the feeling of comfort and the sense of belonging are gradually disappearing and becoming a trap is more terrifying than the concrete trap I am building right now.

Photographer:Xinming Li

HMUA:Chieh-Ping Lee

Model: Xiaoyi Liu , Jie hu

Retouching:Jie hu