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Graphic Design

William Jacobson

London based graphic designer from Stockholm. After completing a BA at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2016, William has since been around Europe assisting, freelancing and working for various creative studios and is currently finishing his MA at the Royal College of Art. 

His practice happens across typography and illustration. Through a reflexive and reflective process, he explores the harmony and friction between boundaries, such as Static vs Motion and Type vs Image.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Graphic Design

I believe in blurring boundaries and fusing extremes. In my research, I explore these boundaries through an iterated, systemised process where output constantly informs input. A highly process-led practice with a passion for calibrating and corrupting a range of meticulous, yet erratic, design-systems in the search of the unexpected. 

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Flip Through — Warning this animation contains flickering images.

This book is a transcript of a dialogue on generative, written language. Through a process of human embodiment of the algorithm (and vice versa) this project has gradually taken form by investigating the borders between oxymorons. By giving voice to each of the extremes, this arbitrary thesis aims to explore the thresholds and conventions between text and language through a vernacular typographic system.  

Credits: Text generated by RunwayML. The input of texts are borrowed from sources by/on artists within the fields of generative art, typography and graffiti such as Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, Annie Albers, Jean Tinguely, Harold Cohen, Michael Noll, Frieder Nake, Saga Berlin, Sano, along with fragmentary, personal notes from the process. 

Timetable for events and screenings

The Visual Communication 2021 MA graduates of the RCA, are pleased to invite you to their physical show, TERMINAL. The show opens for private viewing on the 26 June (5.30am - 10pm) and is open to the public from the 27-30 June (10am-10pm), at Ugly Duck in Southwark, London.

Terminal unpacks the students’ experience of spending 18 months in a terminal-like space, and seeing it as an essential period in critical thinking and making. Visitors are invited to join this speculative space spread across nine exhibition Zones.

The identity of Terminal is inspired by digital, grid-based communication systems, such as LED-signage and ASCII and aims to provide the elements and ideas into the physical room. The identity of Terminal is exploring the idea of a shared space, both physical and digital. 

Tarmac Terminal
Uppercase Overview
Lowercase Waterfall

Tarmac Terminal is a custom-made typeface for the 2021 graduation show of the visual communication programme at the Royal College of Art. Tarmac started out as a direct translation of the informative lettering of international airports (Original) and was later developed for a more user friendly style (Regular). The two of them are accompanied by a Stencil version to celebrate the labour-production of type. 

Issue Occupy – Inside
Issue Occupy – Frontside
Issue Morph – Inside
Issue Morph – Frontside
Issue Linger – Inside
Issue Linger – Frontside
Issue Dream – Inside
Issue Dream – Frontside

ARC is a student-led publication that exists to provide a platform for the RCA’s members to engage in philosophical and theoretical debates, and for students to dip their toes into the waters of journalism and continually reinterpret the format of printed matter.

The design for this years issue of ARC explores the relationship between the digital screen and the physical touch. Proxyerotics aims to find substitutes for tangible intimacy and alternatives for interaction. 


In collaboration with Costas Kalogeropoulos


870 x 670mm