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Shuning Xu

Shuning Xu'


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a student,a blogger,an art lover

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Shuning Xu

My works are all based on personal growth experience. I have always kept a secret in my heart. In the constant self-doubt and speculation, I decided to publish it and make a grand farewell to it.

I forcibly stimulate the way of dialogue between the viewer and themselves by switching the high-frequency behavior attributes.

The viewer is to explore the hidden window between themselves and the strange object, in which the trigger point of one in a million forms an effective temporary storage mechanism.

Fingernail Revolution

The uncomfortable memories of my childhood and growing up in a traditional Chinese family were too much for me to bear, so I started biting my nails.

Wait for it to grow, wait for it to grow, then bite again, bite again, wait for it to grow strong.

In the Fingernail Revolution project, I selected chicken feet with regional cultural differences to intentionally create contradictory sensory experiences. Those who love to eat it like it very much, while those who do not love it despise it.

Through superimposing cooking, biting, licking, and make-up, the behavioural changes constantly transform ideologies to present private fragments of intensification and alienation. The process of gradual peeling off of chicken feet seems to be gradually consuming the constant anxiety.

Are you hungry& Nanfengshushu

As a blogger in China, I have something to say.

Fingernail Revolution 4 — Ingredients: Chicken feet, chili oil, nail polish, salt, cooking wine Practice: First, clean the chicken feet. Two, chicken feet under the pot cook for 2 minutes, pour cooking wine to fishy, by the way the blood foam out. Three, take the chicken feet out and put them in a cold water basin. Four, the pot boiled chicken feet, fire for ten minutes, cook until crisp rotten can! Five, brush the chicken feet with chilli oil. Six, to the chicken fingernails painted with nail polish! Then enjoy! Cheers!




Are You Hungry?

"Are You Hungry" is a video I processed and re-edited from some online food anchors.

The endless swallowing seems to constantly challenge the viewer's curiosity about the limits of function and desire.

A screen full of food.

Mixed with desire, emitting the most seductive signals.

When can I have enough?

Why don't you get fat?

Is it this good?





“Nanfengshushu” is the name of my account on my personal social networking site in China, which is also the name of this video.

With this ID you can find me,

It's my identity, it's my pass, it's my symbol of existence.

It's also a status symbol in a public context.

When personal IP is put into the public context and the network context,

In the era of pan-entertainment, how to meet the needs of the audience, how to seize the flow, how to get everyone's love.

I want to be an experiment, doing things that no one else can do,

This is probably the biggest attraction .