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Documentary Animation

Romy Matar

Every time I am done defining myself it's out of date and I have to start over.

For now I am a Lebanese Animator/Illustrator based in London.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Documentary Animation

Being a visual artist, it is hard to express and describe my work with words and not images. I found myself sitting in front of my desk with three monitors, hundreds of perforated paper and a ton of markers, trying to figure out a way to bring together my inspirations, my drive, and my artist statement into words and more specifically into one paragraph.

My visuals have been evolving with me but I've always been drawn to bright contrasted colours and hidden elements in images. The toll that Beirut has taken on my work has had a ripple effect on my visuals. My upbringing in Lebanon is where most of the agitation and turbulence in my compositions and lines come from.

For the past two years I have been focusing on the art of storytelling and the development of actions over a period of time, always searching for my voice within narratives and stories.

Warning: This work contains mature or explicit content.

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قطعة طريق - Across The Road

My current project is an animated documentary of a woman who, like many others, has been deeply effected by the Beirut harbour explosion of August 4th 2020.

She shares a story about a past experience as a transgender sex worker in Lebanon, and the traumatic experience she had gone through, which she still was able to get over, unlike the Beirut explosion which, as she would say "destroyed her hope in life".