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Animation (MA)

Documentary Animation


The Documentary Animation pathway engages with innovative documentary practices involving animation and other forms of image fabrication. They take social responsibility seriously, and we are committed to supporting them in their development of distinct voices in their chosen genre. The students' works fuse animation and non-fiction storytelling with documentary approaches, forms and questions about representing, engaging with and expanding the limitations of the real, often by visually documenting unwitnessed experiences through various animation techniques. This cohort's practices are built on a ground of interrogation and making, through contextual and critical thinking, demonstrating sensitivity to their very human subject matters and often self-reflexive observations of the everyday, of cultural diversity and of identities. They are critically aware of issues of documentary representation and expand their, often collaborative, practice within and beyond the School of Communication. Observed themes in this year's works include unreliable memories, virtual funerals, solace and forgiveness; boredom and creativity and routines in patriarchy.