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Mona Matsui

Mona Matsui is a designer and storyteller, working across the discipline of textile design, gender, colour and surface design. Her main aim of the design is to visualise the positive atmosphere of space and images by researching history, culture and materials, including craft or art elements in her design techniques.

Her adaptable design style creates a beautiful experience itself in a space through traditional Japanese textile design, colour strategy and creating value with an architect for the people who miss the emotional connection with a human, their culture and nature.

During her MA at RCA, she collaborated with different types of clients which were Japanese architects and AI and medical company as a designer and storyteller. 


Harper's Bazaar 2021 April issue - published

Talking Textile 2020 - Published Shortlisted

Lexus Design Award 2018 - Shortlisted

Degree Details

School of Design


RELIEF // A Sculpture of Veil - the power of softness-

Her project ‘A Sculpture of Veil - the power of softness-’ is an experimentation of layering textiles inspired by the natural phenomena, such as light and movement. Exploring the moire effects -water ripple effect- and colour layering through sublimation, foil and bonding print techniques, helped translate the journey from her experience, memories and images to tactile textiles.

She creates and develops design thorough combining both cutting edge techniques and traditional techniques for well-being, and informing the importance of softness in contemporary architecture fields.

A key influence for her design style has been the Japanese aesthetic called ‘Iki’; which is established with three meanings of words: sophisticated, ephemeral and sensual. The textiles ease people's minds and give the impression of sensuality or attachment -femininity- to buildings or products. This can soften the hard architectural atmosphere and modern template building structure -masculinity- so that the textile improves the quality of space through visualise positive atmosphere.

Through casting textiles and colours from the beginning of the space plan with architects, she suggests a fresh sensation, imbued with her memories into a space with textile design. 

Lattice — Photo by: Marin Kawamori
foggy morning — Photo by: Marin Kawamori
The texture of water ripple — Photo by: Marin Kawamori
The textile create beautiful water ripple shadow on the surface

'A Sculpture of Veil’ is a collection of print and layering interior textiles inspired by Japanese aesthetic called ‘Iki’, and translating the natural phenomena that I have seen and experienced into tangible textiles for community space, such as a library which has a glass facade. 


Polyester, Polyester ribbon, biodegradable fabric,


900 x 1500, 900 x 900

Researched how textile's role changed in the architectural field through looking back the 1920's flu epidemic. Exploring the action of female textile designers, and how Iki - femininity - in Ukiyoe had an impact as expression.

Collaboration with Japanese architects remotely. I have successfully provided my textile design without having access to the studio. Connecting between London and Tokyo online is giving me the confidence of working with a new style in the future, I recognised that there is no boundary in the design world.

The textiles were required to divide the space softly so that people can feel the presence of humans and also it needed to have a function of the privacy filter for the screen security. To add softness and sensuality to the space, I suggested a combination of bright copper and gray, the suitable materials, and the technique of layering so that the textile can make a harmony in the space.