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Meredith Wood

Meredith Wood is an experimental textile screen printer and researcher, based in London. Currently exploring printing processes which can provide an alternative to the unethical and environmentally harmful practices persistent in the Textile & Fashion industry. She is specialising in the development of her own eco-friendly textile production processes, beginning with the making of her inks and binders for screen printing. Her work lies in-between textiles and fashion, with the goal of creating environmentally conscious clothing featuring her print pastes and designs. Research forms a huge part of her practice, informing all the design choices made.

Meredith Wood

RESPONSIBILITY // From the Sea - Micro & Macro Algae / Seaweed

As designers we have a responsibility to make sure what we make and put into the world considers the impact it will have on people and the planet.

My work seeks to demonstrate how we can detoxify the screen printing process, eliminating the harmful chemicals currently used and developing new, more environmentally friendly techniques. I have developed my own range of print pastes, binders and inks, using micro & macro algae (seaweed). My choice of algae and seaweed emerged as I have researched the positive impacts of being close to the sea on our wellbeing. This is also something I have personally noticed after moving from Cornwall to London. 

I have collaborated with three RCA final year fashion students, to show what my print pastes can look like in real life contexts. These have also allowed me to experiment with my print pastes on a further range of materials, such as bio leather made from seaweed or algae.

From the Sea — This film was made in collaboration with filmmaker and conservationist Will Hollis.
Developing & Testing Algae Print Pastes
Developing & Testing Algae Print Pastes
Under the Microscope
Under the Microscope — Photographing & Drawing Seaweed
Seaweed Print Design
Seaweed Print Design — Bringing nature back into my way of drawing - I attached a stick found at the beach to my paint brush, drawing by holding the end of the stick gave me far less control whilst painting, freeing up my style of drawing.
Final Seaweed & Algae Prints
Final Seaweed & Algae Prints — Taken back to the beach to show how much potential can come from the ocean.
Potential From The Ocean — Videography of my final prints at the beach & in the ocean
Synthetic Ocean - A Photographic & Research book in collaboration with Will Hollis
Synthetic Ocean - A Photographic & Research book in collaboration with Will Hollis — This book explores the effects of the fashion industry on our oceans. Containing my research and writing with Will's photographs, this book will be available to pre order on the 1st July.
Bea Brücker Collaboration
Bea Brücker Collaboration — Hand printed fabric, using algae and other natural ingredients. The design is based off an algorithm developed by Bea showing the growth patterns of algae, which I added my own stylistic interpretation to. Fabric screen printed by me / Garment: Bea Brücker / Model: Andras Nagy / Fashion Photographer: Johann Spindler
Gyouree Kim Collaboration
Gyouree Kim Collaboration — Gyouree developed her own material made of seaweed and water. I hand painted seaweed drawings onto this material, using my green and blue print pastes made of algae. This was then made into a corset by Gyouree, which is completely biodegradable.
Aurélie Fontan Collaboration
Aurélie Fontan Collaboration — Aurélie has developed her own material out of algae. I screen printed my design of algae under the microscope, using my blue algae print paste onto her algae leather, which she then used to create this dress. Editorial Photoshoot Credits - Fashion Designer & Stylist: Aurélie Fontan / Photographer: Rhianna Thomas / Model: Alice Warre / MUA: Jade Ankers