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Marion Corbett

Led by process, material and colour Marion is urged to create pieces that are both aesthetically and visually engaging. Her work is influenced by an appreciation of historical processes and techniques. With a fascination and strong background in other textile disciplines she has set out to embark on her own creative practice.

Marion Corbett

Due to the pandemic, her final piece has not yet materialised. Therefore she has been encouraged to re-imagine her work as a concept and exhibit it in an alternative way.

Collated playfully, Re-Imagine ‘Dawn til Dusk’ is a compilation of thorough investigations into material and colour. Her colour ways are Inspired by Claude Monet’s ‘Series paintings’. Monet would paint the same subject from different points of view at different times of the day, always creating a different outcome.

Her work is also influenced by Japanese Sashiko stitch and traditional quilting techniques. This is revealed in both an obvious and subtle way.

Throughout her journey she has worked with specialised yarns and colour techniques to create specific outcomes. These focused explorations have equipped her with a thorough understanding of the behavioural nature of the materials and colour processes used along the way.

Four seasons in one day
Four seasons in one day — A collection of pieces exploring colour and proportion using dyeing and quilting techniques.
Skyline — Handwoven ,double layer, hand painted
Blusher — Handwoven, double layer, dip- dyed
Frosty Fluff
Frosty Fluff — Handwoven, double layer, wadded with fold.
Sun-kissed — Handwoven, double layer, wadded, dip dyed
Kaleidoscope — Handwoven, wadded double cloth, Ikat dyed, twisted tweed
Horizon — Handwoven double-cloth with Ikat dyed techniques
Raindrop — Both Jacquard and handwoven pieces juxtaposed with stitch and colour work
Mock up
Mock up — Wadded and Stitched calico mock ups with positioning of folds and stitch
Ebb and Flow of the day
Ebb and Flow of the day — A series of photos taken at different times of the day. Ikat dyed warp thread cones


Retractyl Cotton, Colcolastic, Cotton, Mohair, Icelandic wool, Lambswool,Viscose

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