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Lisa Mota

Lisa is a weaver and garment maker that lives between Lisbon and London.

How we cultivate connection and respect towards the cloth we wear is at the centre of her practice. 

Through her work, she investigates traditional textile know-how and its materials and processes. This serves as a base for experimentation and deconstruction of current systems in order to create her own reviewed lines of work.

Degree Details

School of Design

Lisa Mota

Retain // Fragments of being

Fragments of being investigates how we connect with cloth and clothing. 

How these become cherished , respected and kept safe by holding within them our personal narratives. Meanings, memories, someone dear.

Through casting, weave and garment making Lisa created sculptures for the body that act as phantoms of our own existence. 

Functional elements mutate into memory holders on latex reliefs and in double and leno weaves. 

The final pieces aim to show cloth as bridges between the internal and external universe of each person by evoking our collective narratives. 

Clothing as fragments of our being.