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Graphic Design

Lothar Daniel Wiessmann

Lothar Daniel Wiessmann is a London based designer, whose inquiry-led practice is situated at the interface between design and other fields of research. He employs process-driven design methods to understand and interrogate other disciplines, such as physics, biology, philosophy and anthropology. 

Originally from Germany, Lothar Daniel Wiessmann moved to the UK in 2007. He has recently completed an MA in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, after having been awarded the Burberry RCA Scholarship for his studies. He previously attained a BA in Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Arts.

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School of Communication

Graphic Design
Lothar Daniel Wiessmann

Every design is a choice about whose voices are being amplified and whose voices are being silenced. How does the design cause people to behave? Does the design promote action or reflection? Does the design display proactive or reactive qualities? If design means influencing people, what are users influenced to do?

Lothar Daniel Wiessmann practice is driven by the application of design as a tool for critical reflection and theoretical engagement. His fields of enquiry include science, consumerism, hyperreality, ‘the fake’, the agency of non-human things and how materiality is affected by the shift from the physical to the virtual. The practical dimension of his work ranges from traditional graphic design, print and moving image outcomes to explorations within augmented reality. 

His current work is an investigation into quantum physics and its philosophical, social and ethical implications.

Extract from Moving Image Collage
Extract from Moving Image Collage

Over the past 100 years, quantum physics has drastically changed our understanding of reality, however, many attitudes from the previous epoch of classical, Newtonian physics remain deeply ingrained in our psyche and world view. Quantum Disruptions highlights the prevalence of the Newtonian stance and offers an alternative that is based on recent facts of science.

The outcomes of this project include: 

  • A three-minute video introducing the theories the project is based on.
  • Printed augmented reality (AR) posters to be used with Instagram filters to ‘come to life.’
  • Three additional Instagram face filters that communicate certain aspects of quantum physics in a playful and accessible way
  • A website providing in-depth information about the project, including a bibliography and research documentation

Poster Designs | Shoreditch High Street, London
Poster Designs | Shoreditch High Street, London

Certain Newtonian attitudes continue to dominate our lives even though they are outdated and entail potential negative consequences. Hundreds of years of Newtonianism have hard-wired us to believe that nature and the world are something to not only be understood but something that must be conquered, ruled, exploited and domineered. According to Newtoniansim, Humans aren’t part of nature, but positioned between nature and the divine.

Instagram Filters
Instagram Filters — Hovering the Instagram filters over the posters will bring AR objects 'to life'.
AR Object
AR Object — Once the AR filter has recognised the poster, the virtual object can be explored from all angles.
Screen Recording
Screen Recording — Each poster provides a QR link which launches the Instagram AR filter
AR Poster in Action
AR Poster in Action

AR Posters were installed across East London. The viewer is invited to scan the provided QR Code on the poster and is immediately directed to an Instagram filter. Once the whole poster is captured by the camera view, 3D objects are embedded into the ‘real’ world of the screen. The objects remain in the same position and can be explored from all angles. The typographically-led design of the posters is a nod to quantum field theory and is based on the idea of various dimensions and elementary shapes interacting with each other.




Instagram Face Filters — Visit Lothar Daniel's Instagram profile from your mobile device to try the filters.

Quantum Physics reveals the nature of matter is the undoing of identity, the questioning and trying of other possibilities. Humans are entangled with nature and an inseparable part of it.Some theorists see links between the climate crisis, our treatment of the environment, colonialism and the domineering spread of Newtonianism over the past few centuries. Quantum physics highlights the proximity of ethics to science and demands a more value-sensitive way of being.

Each Instagram filter communicates a different aspect of quantum physics: ‘Virtuality’ is inspired by theorist and physicist Dr Karen Barad. In her book ‘Meeting The Universe Halfway’ and essay ‘Transmaterialities - Trans*/Matter/Realities and Queer Political Imaginings’, Barad explored the ‘inexhaustible exploration[s] of virtuality’ performed by virtual particles. The second filter, ‘Diffractions’, highlights how particles refuse the linearity of time and can ‘jump’ between the past, present and future. ‘Newtonian VS Quantum’ compares Newtonian Physics with Quantum Physics in an interactive, playful and educational way.


Augmented Reality

The moving image collage is created from old archive materials, recent NASA footage and 3D objects. It contains some of the scientific themes that informed this project and highlights the social, philosophical, and ethical implications of quantum physics. 

This project contrasts quantum physics and Newtonian physics. It aims to make a dense area of research fun and engaging, whilst offering access to the field of quantum physics in various ways that range from playful activities to in-depth explorations. The website provides an addition level of depth by articulating the ideas and research behind the project. Viewers are invited to read my research notes, study my bibliography and to get in touch for potential future collaborations.

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