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Narrative Animation

Lokyi Tsoi (Kitty)

Lokyi Tsoi, also known as Kitty Tsoi, is an animator / filmmaker who was born in Hong Kong and now based in London. Before entering the Royal College of Art, she graduated with a first-class in BA Media and Communication from Goldsmiths University of London. Alongside her personal / school projects, she had also worked for educational online learning platforms like BeReady Group as well as commercials with Samsung and Odelay films. She had also volunteered at D&AD and got involved with productions of various students films as a runner and prop designer.



Neon Kong (2018) - Goldsmiths Student Showcase 2019

Wish Tank (2019) - First International Film Festival Xining 2020

CHA (2019) - Brokleywood Nights 2019

CHA (2019) - Best of the Next, London International Animation Festival 2019

Kitty is interested in exploring the linkage between human and society.

As an artist, Kitty has always wondered what separates people and what brings people together. She is interested in how animation can be seen as an art form, not just to entertain, but also as a creative medium for artists to express their inner world.

Most of her projects are motivated by a personal approach to her subjects. From Seaweeds, Neon Kong, and her BA graduation film CHA to her final MA film Apathy,  Kitty likes to start with expressing her voice through the moving image. She likes to create a world with different characters and give them life through a range of frame-by-frame techniques. Growing up in a busy city like Hong Kong, she often found people's voices being lost in the crowd, and therefore wanted to search for them and try to express them through drawings.


An apathetic girl realised she had always been sweeping her emotion under the carpet – she is not apathetic, who is she?

The idea of Apathy comes from my personal experience. I have always had difficulty expressing my own emotion, and finding my voice. This film is for those who also experience the same feeling like me, the powerless feeling when you have something to say, but couldn't or don't dare to say them out loud.

Techniques: Procreate, After Effect and Premiere Pro

Composer and Sound Design

Jolene Khor Yu Xuan

Sound Mix and Sound Design

Samuel G Morris

Animation Assistance

Ben Alderman aka Wen-Ben Lin

Hristina Iankova

Antigona Dino


Digital Animation



RCA Continuation Fund Bursary