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Narrative Animation

Jingxi Zhang

Jingxi Zhang is a film producer, storyboard artists, 2D animator and illustrator from Guangzhou, China.

Before Joining the RCA, She graduates from Art University Bournemouth BA Animation production in 2019. Her graduating group project film “Stargazer” Shown at various festivals. Jingxi learned Textile and Fine art during her studies. different art form give her interest in developing mix-media textures in the future .

During 2020-2021, Jingxi has been working on her Y2 project in Guangzhou because of the coronavirus. The idea of her works was based on her own experience during the lockdown, finding story in daily life, using imagination and observing create exciting stories. Jingxi Love to explore comedic storytelling of her works, playing with many interesting formal opportunities for her to exploit in her project,Her animation are inspired by UPA style, 1920s art deco and posters.

Mia's Original Comics --2021
Mia's Original Comics --Trailer

Mia's Original Comics --2021

A story about a comic artist Mia live alone with 2 cats in an apartment, she is creating a comic about a jewelry thief and a policewoman in the chaos of the 1920s. She used the scene of her cat's daily life for her comics creation.

Musical Composer

Jolene Khor Yu Xuan

Animation Assistants

Caye Motilla , Shiqi Huang ,Xiaolian Huang ,Yuanzhen Liang , Hongxin Wang

Layout Assistants

Xiaotong Su , Wenbo Zhao

Medium: 2D digital animation

Size: 16:9,06:33

In Collaboration with: 

Jolene Khor Yu Xuan

Caye Motilla

Wenbo Zhao


2D Animation


Jingxi Zhang Animation Showreel