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Mixed Media

Livia Papiernik

Livia Papiernik is a visual storyteller. As a mixed media artist, she uses painting, patchwork, and embroidery to narrate social, political, and personal stories. Her whimsical and fantastical approach to the subjects she explores invites the viewer to explore her interpretive worlds.

Livia studied traditional Hand embroidery for her BA at the Royal School of Needlework and is interested in challenging the boundaries of this traditional craft within contemporary art.

During her MA at RCA, she founded the digital gallery platform ‘Creating in Crisis’ in collaboration with three other textile graduates. Livia is now collaborating with Musson + Retallick on their community engagement project “Fields of Everywhen”.


The Roger Walls Binns Scholarship (2019-2021)

Tex Select Mentorship (2018)

Livia Papiernik

Resilient // How Long Can A Home Stay Shut?

How do we stay positive in a world full of uncertainty and fear? These last 18 months have been a test to everyone's resilience. This project explores my mental wellbeing during the pandemic and my ongoing search for beauty, wonder, and hope. By sharing my vulnerabilities and anxieties, I become more resilient and hope to encourage others to share their own pandemic experiences.

I have sought answers within the confines of where I live. Through an illustrated diary of poems and observations from everyday life, I blur the line between my real life and the worlds I wish to escape to. Whilst trapped inside my own dollhouse, I bring life to the objects around me, doors and mirrors become portals to new worlds. My installations and artworks represent my resistance to a world of chaos, tackling despair and anxiety with colour and humour

I wish I was a flower
I wish I was a flower — Fabric dye on raw canvas with tufted border, patchwork, and hand embroidery. 181 cm x 151 cm
IN THE MAKING — Insight into the inspiration and embroidery detail behind " I wish I was a flower".


Raw canvas painted with fabric dye with a tufted border. Embellished with patchwork, hand embroidery and beading.


181 cm x 151 cm
Quarantine Diary

Poems, stories and observations from every day life during the pandemic. This Diary explores my mental wellbeing and brings to life the objects around me as characters of my imaginary world.


Paper Sketchbook


16cm x 10 cm

This artwork is based around a digitally printed photograph of my "Can We Press Play" Installation.


Digital print on satin with hand-beaded satin window frame and hand-embroidered poem.


133 cm x 133 cm
Escaping my reality
Escaping my reality

1.Watering the carpet!

Installation around the textile artwork " I wish I was a flower" with painted walls, painted textile floor, and my aunty's self-portrait.

2.Can We Press Play!

Back wall: Painted raw canvas ( 2.5 (h) x 2m (w), with tufting, patchwork, and hand embroidery. Right wall; Oil painting on canvas.


Mixed Media: Paint, canvas, textile, oil paintings.


2.5 m (l) x 2m (w) x 2.5m (h)