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Mixed Media

Ji Yoon Park

Ji Yoon Park is a mixed media textile artist, she currently lives and works in London.

She seeks existential breath through working with drawing and process-based art. Her work strikes a balance between the dualities of emptiness and fullness, something and nothing, desire and freedom. 

After graduating with a BA degree in Fiber Art at EWHA women's university in South Korea, she worked in an interior textiles company as a director.

Degree Details

School of Design

Mixed Media


shift from self-alienation to self-liberation through meditative practice.

This project investigates how understanding the philosophy of emptiness influences the way of being in my life. True emptiness is not a nihilistic nothingness that diminishes the dream and its forms, but a fruitful emptiness that makes the richness and fullness of life possible. It may lead to an understanding that without emptiness there can be no fullness. 

I work with drawing, repetitive mark-making and a process-based exploration of materials. I use my work on meditative practice to demonstrate spiritual experience through the repetitive process of filling and emptying, unfurling the potential of the surface by experimenting with a texture through deconstruction techniques. This is a way of embracing emptiness as a significant stage of/in the circle of life as well as questioning the purpose of existence.

Drawing of Fullness
Drawing of Emptiness
Drawing of Repetiton
Drawing of Layering


drawing on paper


21.0 x 29.7
Duet for ONE l


Color Pencil, Oil pastel, Paint on Rice paper


60 * 68 cm
Duet for ONE II
Process — : Filling-Emptying-Layering


Pen, Marker, Crayon, Oil pastel on Tyvek paper


90 * 110 cm