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Lingyu Hao

Lingyu Hao (U) is an artist and designer whose work focuses on self-expression and the relationship between the individual and the world mediated by garments, furniture/sculpture, and performance. She aims to create an escape, a space or shelter from external influences, but still offering the ability to observe from the inside and the outside world.

The idea of project “can U see me now” was inspired by a depressive phase happened last year when I was undergoing a period of severe emotional flux and felt lost about my identity.

This project explored my experience of been self isolated in both physical and psychological, how the it effected my insecure feeling of outside world and peace I want for inner world. The project titled with a question by involved my own name “U” in sentence, to ask both myself and audiences and looking forward a clear answer.


Digital / Candle Wax / Polyfoam / Epoxy / Chrome effect paint spray