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Graphic Design

Lifan Lai

Lifan Lai is a graphic designer based in London. She believes that life is not static, and any detail may bring about a butterfly effect.

She strives to try and create new forms of virtual vision for interpreting the present moment which is undergoing tremendous change. 

Degree Details

School of Communication

Graphic Design

Starting in 2020, I began to fight with myself during the isolation of Lockdown. The Internet became a window for me to understand the outside world, and the real window is an unchanging picture.

Through my computer, I watched the news and compared city posts on social media to figure out what the people around me were doing and what happened, looking through countless online pictures every day, like falling into a rabbit hole.

Can a picture represent one thing?

Can an angle represent the truth?

Can a one-second shutter represent the development of an event?

I imagine pictures have time thickness. Many pictures make up the length of time for a given.