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Jiaxi Li

Jiaxi Li [镓汐] is a London-based textile designer who focuses on innovative knit practice with multi-cultural background. Before her master’s studies at the Royal College of Art, Jiaxi majored in fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York. She has built a multidisciplinary and interactive design practice in material exploration, art digitalisation, craftsmanship, and cross-subject collaboration. As a textile designer, she values the emotion, history, and humanity in each creation. 


- 2021, RCA WIP Show, London

- 2020, Ars Electronica Garden London, London

- 2019, Luxury & Neiman Marcus Hudson Yard Exhibition, New York

- 2019, Graduate with Honour, Parsons School of Design, New York


[Escaping the oppression of reality, she created a shelter for herself.] 

Cloud 9.9 Space is a project that contains a series of self-reliant, vibrant, and dynamic knitted sculptural works. Displaying diverse approaches to form and material, these statues are created upon methods of machine knitting, solidifying knit structure, and plastic moulding home objects.

This project explores escapism as a self-protecting mechanism in a biographical format. As a mortal existence, human beings inhabit and interact with spaces physically and spiritually. Brimming over with objects that allude to the deepest self, the domestic environment encloses the traces of humanity, history, and relationships. These knitted sculptural works blur the undefined tension between reality and illusion.

watch with VR glasses on your phone to have immersive experience
[sample practice]
[drawing of my parents, niece, sister, and orchid]
[my pet duck]
— Every sculpture is scanned into 3D files and adjust in cinema 4D. The final digital version of this space is uploaded on YouTube and shared with the world using VR photogrammetry and digital landscape building. I want to maintain the tactile quality of knitting. The colours, shapes, and materials are from the real world.


acrylic sparkle yarn, PLA filament


dimension variable